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133 Adult K-9 Hoodies $35.00 Adult sized K-9 Hoodies with the K-9 patch design on the chest and the map on the back. Please be aware the color you choose may not be available. For exact color/size options please email or call (907) 279-5050.
784 Tanana Police Patch $5.00 Tanana Police Department patch.
776 Valdez Police Patch $5.00 Valdez Police patch.
456 Metlakatla Police Patch $5.00 Metlakatla Police patch
DMD Dead Man's Dancer $14.00 Dead Man's Dancer-The Mechele Linehan Story
By author Tom Brennan

Summary: Mechele is young, attractive, and looking to cash in on her aesthetic assets when she moves from New Orleans to Alaska in 1994 to earn money for college tuition. Her charms ensnare the affections of three men, and the combined effects of jealousy, lust, and greed take a deadly turn in this true crime story. Before a murder in the woods shatters her contented life, Mechele works as an exotic dancer at the Alaska Bush Company, where she spends her days pleasing a procession of hard-working men.

John, Scott, and Kent are simultaneously smitten with Mechele, and offer affection in the form of lavish gifts and ultimately engagement rings. While the three men begin their affairs on the same path, violent murder blasts apart their parallel lives. One of the trio is shot in the back; another is accused of the murder.

Dead Man's Dancer follows this murder case from 1996 throughout Mechele's tumultuous trial in 2006 that becomes a nationwide sensation. Shocking in its detailed portrayal of murder and convoluted love affairs, Dead Man's Dancer provokes feelings of horror in readers that linger far after the last page is turned.

75.2 75th Anniversary BOB Pin $5.00 75th Anniversary Commemorative blue oval badge (BOB) pin.
75.3 75th Anniversary White Logo Pin $5.00 75th Anniversary Commemorative white logo pin.
75.4 75th Anniversary Stetson Pin $5.00 75th Anniversary Stetson Pin with a miniature 75th Anniversary Commemorative Badge.
75.5 75th Anniversary Badge Pin $5.00 75th Anniversary Commemorative Badge Pin.
130 Bear Bones $14.00 Bear Bones
Author David Austin McKinney

Alaska Special Agent Cody O'Keefe has been assigned to assist the Division of Fish and Wildlife Protection in the investigation of a strange crime in the remote mountains of Chichagof Island.

But solving the case in some way-the-hell-and-gone location is only the beginning of his troubles. The terrain is so rugged his only witness gets lost trying to return to the scene of the crime. Once there, Cody finds himself searching for clues beneath two feet of fresh fallen snow. To make matters worse, the primary suspect appears to be a professional poacher so elusive local trappers nickname him Sasquatch. If something doesn't go Cody's way, this case will grow cold faster than the crisp winds of the Mendenhall Glacier.

Then, Cody makes a gruesome discovery. The poacher's message is clear: if the poacher is pursued Cody O'Keefe will die. In the dim light of the Tongass rain forest O'Keefe is watching his back trail. One mistep and he could be the hunter's next trophy.

516 One Who Helps $40.00 75th Anniversary Print "One Who Helps" by Charlen Jeffrey

Custom ordered, unframed giclée prints

16x24 are signed for $125.00
8x12 are unsigned for $40.00

The full price will reflect at checkout depending on which size print is chosen.

The quality of the giclée print rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries.

Please Note: Please allow a turn-around time of 10 business days for custom ordered prints.

75.6 75th Anniversary Windbreaker $35.00 Hooded pullover windbreaker embroidered with the 75th Anniversary Logo (L) chest. Available in Navy & Goldenrod.

Relaxed Fit
100% Nylon with DWR coating
Two zippered front pockets
Visor hood
Adjustable cuffs and open bottom hem

Note: Embroidery not show in full size images

903 Titanium Embroidered Polo $40.00 Zorrell "titanium" cuffed polo with blue and white embroidery.
83 Craig Police Green Patch $5.00 Craig Green Police patch
91 Kotzebue Night Patch $5.00 Kotzebue Night Police patch
596 "Alaska's Best" Camo Beanie $18.00 "Alaska's Best" embroidered camo beanie
156 Woman in the Locker Room $16.00 Woman in the Locker Room: An Alaskan Woman's Journey for Change
Author Maggie Holeman

Growing up in a challenging family gave Maggie Holeman the determination to go against the system and prevail. During her career at the Anchorage airport, Maggie was instrumental in getting separate bathrooms, locker rooms and hair regulations for women. Maggie was the first woman to achieve the award of weapon proficiency, being top gun, at the Sitka Police Academy. She developed and became one of the first field training officers at that airport in both police and fire. Maggie received a legislative commendation for bravery for her response to the YC-122 crash. After earning her BA in criminal justice, she worked as an adult probation/parole officer for the State of Alaska and Boy's Detention at McLaughlin Youth Center. After 23 years with the State of Alaska, Maggie retired to the small community of Hope, Alaska, population 150, where she runs a five star bed and breakfast and finds her days peaceful without turmoil.

741 Women's 75th Anniversary Polo $35.00 Alaska State Troopers, 75th Anniversary Women's polo.
919 Pipeline $20.00 Pipeline

Author Ron Dalby

Summary: An overworked detective, a dedicated game warden, and a veteran bush pilot team up in this epic saga as big as Alaska itself. A child is snatched from the Anchorage bus station. Clues developed during the search suggest she's being held by a pedophile and his ex-con buddy, and that they are hatching a plot to blow up the trans-Alaska pipeline. Then Detective Gomez learns that the pedophile murdered his last victim. The race is on to save the child before the killer tires of her and to prevent a monumental environmental disaster in the heart of Alaska's sweeping wilderness.

323 Handcuff Pin $5.00 Handcuff pin in silver or gold
328 Alaska State Trooper Badge Tie Tack $5.00 *Mini AST Badge Tie Tack
329 Anchorage Fire Department Badge Pin $5.00
330 Alaska State Fire Marshal Badge Pin $5.00
331 "50th Anniversary" of Alaska Pin $5.00
333 60th Anniversary Pin $5.00
102 Anti-Bullying T-Shirt (Adult & Youth) $10.00 Anti-Bullying t-shirt in both adult and youth sizes.

132 Glacier Pilot $15.00 This is the story of Bob Reeve, Alaska's first, most daring and most accomplished bush pilot. In 1932 he arrived in Valdez with no money, no plane and ill health. He soon made a career of doing the kind of flying that no one else wanted to do and earned the description of the the greatest rough-terrain pilot of our continent. He developed a successful commercial airline operating in the worst weather in the world along the fog-shrouded Aleutian chain, perfected the art of landing on glaciers, and engineered special devices for his plane that enabled him to achieve unheard-of performance at high altitudes.

By Beth Day,
348 pages

134 Anchorage Place Names $10.00 Why is it called Jewel Lake? And who is Klevin Street named after? This informative booklet will answer all those questions. Whether you have an inquisitive kid pestering you for all the answers, a tourist who wants to be an Alaskan-know-it-all or you are just curious about your hometown, this is the solution for you.

By Rae Arno,
80 pages

137 Parallel Logic $16.00 A life altering decision found a savvy NY native transported to Alaska's Northern tundra in the 70s to work as a nurse among the native population. She learned to survive with humor as she faced challenges for which she was unprepared - including the lack of supplies, electricity, and plumbing. She came to love the state and it's people, and now lives in Anchorage where she is well known for her writing and media work.

By Elise Sereni Patkotak,
200 pages

140 Fish Tales for Heaven's Sake! $10.00 You'd be surprised the things a fishing boat can teach you:
About marriage.When your skipper-husband stows you in the ice-hold and douses the lights...
About money. When a hungry sea lion takes a bite out of every salmon on your line...
About fear. When a sudden storm leaves you at the mercy of your instruments on a midnight rum for town...
About God.When a quiet evening at anchor gives you time to think about the Really Important Things...

By Kathy Pereson,
166 pages

126 AST Full Zip Hoodie $60.00 Heavy, soft, full zip grey hoodie - embroidered with blue to support
the Alaska State Troopers.
103 Getting Even $18.00 Getting Even: What Goes Around in Alaska Comes Around in Florida is the latest work by author Ron Walden. His true-to-life crime novels are set in the state and offer the unique perspective of a former corrections officer.
194 AST Badge Map Crewneck Sweatshirt $30.00 This medium-weight sweatshirt features the AST badge on front and the map of Alaska on the back. Navy with gold print.
206a AST Last Frontier Hoodie 2XL $38.00 The 2XL version of this hoodie is priced at $38.00.