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385 Alaska State Troopers Print $30.00 depiction of Alaska State Trooper
454 Brothers of the Badge $18.00 Brothers of the Badge: Alaska State Troopers, FBI Agents, and U.S. Marshals, probe an informant's death.
Author: Ron Walden, Alaskan True to Life Crime Writer.

Summary: Bill Gant and Alan Pulis, both retired Alaska State Troopers are halibut fishing when they find a body floating in the rip at the center of Cook Inlet. They discover the victim, wearing a life preserver, has been shot in the back. Captain Rollin Caswell of the Alaska State Troopers recruits the retired men to investigate the case on a contract basis. They find the victim is a local banker and suspect the killing was a mob hit. A local waitress had been dating the banker and is now found to be on the list of hit men. The investigation leads investigators to New Jersey and to an organized crime boss, causing them to rely on the FBI and U.S. Marshals to assist in the investigation. From local intrigue to international banking the story winds leaving death and fear in its wake.

506 Alaska's Heroes: A Call to Courage $14.00 Alaska's Heroes: A Call to Courage
Author Nancy Warren Ferrell

Summary: Do you have what it takes to be a hero?

A man plunges into an ice-cold lake, risking hypothermia to pull passengers from a downed plane.

A compassionate flight attendant calms a gun-wielding hijacker, helping to bring a terrifying ordeal to a safe conclusion.

A thirteen-year-old paperboy ventures into a blazing home to rescue two young children who had been left alone.

From Barrow to Ketchikan, Nome to Anchorage, Alaskans living ordinary lives are thrust into extraordinary circumstances, and discover that heroism isn't found only in the movies. These stories are guaranteed to shift your imagination into high gear and get your pulse racing. In risking their own safety, often their very lives, these remarkable Alaskans are also bound by the recognition each received, one of the state's highest honors: the State of Alaska Award for Bravey-Heroism.

60 Wrangell Police Patch $5.00 Wrangell, Alaska Police Department patch
63 Atmautluak Patch $5.00 Atmautluak Tribal Police
65 60th Anniversary Patch $5.00 Alaska State Troopers 60th Anniversary patch
67 Cordova Police Patch $5.00 City of Cordova Police patch
68 Seldovia Police Patch $5.00 Seldovia, Alaska Police patch.
70 AK Airport Police Patch $5.00 State of Alaska Airport Police patch
700 Easy Come Easy Go $18.00 Easy Come, Easy Go - Alaska Gold Fever
Author Ron Walden, Alaskan True to Life Crime Writer

Summary: Otis Fairfax, reclusive older resident of Nikiski, Alaska, had a lust for gold prospecting; it was all he wanted to do. Otis only worked when he needed cash to buy gas for his plane to scout a new prospecting site. Returning from one of these trips, his gas ran out along with his luck-- but not before old Otis finally struck it rich!

What investigators found in his plane would come to make many people rich, as long as they had some connection to it. But easy come, easy go. And possession of another man's fortune would make many people do a lot of surprising things, some not so easy and some that wouldn't just go away. Join Trooper investigator Sergeant Bob Seaton and his young protege as they track this gold trail through its various owners to an unforeseen conclusion.

701 Journey of Dreams by Marilynn Heddell $5.00 The Legend Begins... Illustrated by Glen Oberg. Paperback 23 pgs.
702 Oscar... King of the Harbor by Marilynn Heddell $5.00 The story of Whittier's favorite Otter. Photos and Illustrations by Noreen Folkerts. Paperback 12 pgs.
704 Oh No! We're Gonna Die $15.00 Oh No! We're Gonna Die
Author Bob Bell

Oh No! We're Gonna Die is a compilation of short stories about close calls in Alaska involving the author and his friends and family. These stories are written in a humorous fashion, but still convey the apprehension, excitement and relief involved in life-threatening adventures. It shows how a relatively small mistake can become a major problem in the remote Alaska bush. It takes the reader on adventures throughout the state with a unique cast of characters who never seem to lack in questionable judgment or bad luck. You will encounter airplane crashes, bears of every size and shape, extreme weather, vicious fish, malfunctioning boats and a host of other challenges. These stories will give you an insight into how rugged, and how fun, life on the last frontier can be for some people. The theme of the book is that Alaska has lots of tools to kill you with, and she used most of them on the author and his friends. They survived, mostly by luck, certainly not by wit. Keep in mind as you read this book that these are true stories involving real people, many of whom are still around and in good health.

708 Oh No! We're Gonna Die Too $18.00 Oh No! We're Gonna Die TOO: More Humorous Tales of Close Calls in Alaska's Wilderness
Author Bob Bell

The second installment of Bob Bell's hilarious death-defying encounters in the Alaskan wilderness. Oh No! We're Gonna Die TOO is a compilation of short stories about close calls in Alaska involving the author and his friends and family. These stories are written in a humorous fashion, but still convey the apprehension, excitement and relief involved in life-threatening adventures. It shows how a relatively small mistake can become a major problem in the remote Alaska bush. It takes the reader on adventures throughout the state with a unique cast of characters who never seem to lack in questionable judgment or bad luck. You will encounter airplane crashes, bears of every size and shape, extreme weather, vicious fish, malfunctioning boats and a host of other challenges. These stories will give you an insight into how rugged, and how fun, life on the last frontier can be for some people. The theme of the book is that Alaska has lots of tools to kill you with, and she used most of them on the author and his friends. They survived, mostly by luck, certainly not by wit. Keep in mind as you read this book that these are true stories involving real people, many of whom are still around and in good health.

71 Haines Police Patch $5.00 Haines Alaska Police patch
717 One Man's Wilderness $17.00
724 The Snowflake Rebellion $15.00 The Snowflake Rebellion
Author Tom Brennan

Summary: Bering sea villagers raid a foreign trawler fleet... a mysterious explosion rocks Juneau... a state ferry fires a bowling ball at a cruise ship... and a beautiful ex-newswoman takes off her clothes to defuse a tense standoff between state and federal troops....

The time is the not-too-distant future. The whole world is watching.

A new President is rewarding environmentalists who put her into the White House. She imposes harsh new federal controls on the northern state, and Alaskans are losing jobs, personal freedoms - even their lives. Their anger at bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C. is growing by the day.

As a rebellion spreads, Governor Jimmy Pender tries to calm the rebels. He recruits Colin Callihan, a disillusioned geologist who has retreated into a boozy haze after the death of his wife in a plane crash. But it is too late for peacemaking. Events quickly spin out of control, and Callihan finds himself leading a secessionist movement he was hired to stop.

Adventure, romance, humor, and politics run amok in this tense novel that rushes to an unexpected conclusion like a wild wave crashing onto a rocky Alaska shore.

727 AWT Hoodie $30.00 Alaska Wildlife Trooper cotton hoodie
730 Poacher's Paradise $18.00 Poacher's Paradise - An Alaska Wildlife Trooper Novel
Author Ron Walden - Alaskan True to Life Crime Writer

Summary: Alaska Wildlife Trooper, Will Trippet, partnered with his old schoolmate, Gordy Ponset, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife officer to patrol Mystery Creek Road on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula to check bear baiting stations. While investigating tracks of an all terrain vehicle they discover a poached moose. The poacher lay dead at the scene, killed by a brown bear. This grisly scene ignites an investigation that took a year to complete. The poacher came from a family making a living taking illegal fish and game. "Poacher's Paradise" gives a glimpse into the duties and perils of the adventurous, dangerous routine of Alaska Wildlife Troopers.

Included in "Poacher's Paradise" is a true account of an early Alaska Fish and Wildlife Officer, Al "Bear Bait" Thompson, written by Al's wife, Joyce Thompson, who was with him during the entire ordeal. It gives details of the attack and mauling as well as the dramatic heroic 17 mile trek to the nearest road for rescue. Al was one of the early officers who made Alaska Fish and Wildlife Division what it is today. I am pleased to relate that my wife, Betty Walden, worked with Al for many years until retiring.

750 Little Snowman $8.00 With a plush finger puppet permanently attached to this book and peek-a-boo holes in every page, this charming board book follows the adventures of Little Snowman. A fun way for parents and children to play and read together.
751 Little Reindeer $8.00 An adorable finger puppet peeks through a die-cut hole on each page making this book an excellent way to read and play.
752 Little Polar Bear $8.00 Spend a day at play with Little Polar Bear in this fun and interactive reading experience for parent and child.
753 Old Alaska: Events of the 1900s $20.00 Old Alaska: Events of the 1900s
Author Jim Rearden

Summary: Here are just some of the fascinating stories about Alaska in the 1900s, collected by Jim Rearden, one of the state's premier writers:

Rex repaid a lifelong debt when a bear attacked his master.

What is it like to have your 60-foot-long boat sink under you in the Bering Sea?

Queenie, a half-wold dog, was the leader of latter-day Mountain Man Frank Glaser's wolf-dog team. Why was she special?

Why was there a rush to buy padlocks and keys in interior Alaska?

Do dogs go to heaven?

Why was a gun mounted on a small plane on Kodiak Island?

How did Fairbanksons heat their homes before the commercial production of the coal in the Interior?

How gold was discovered at Fairbanks by a determined foreign-born prospector.

Learn a secret way of raising potatoes in Alaska from the experience of a sourdough.

How do you count salmon in a silty river?

755 Cremation of Sam McGee $13.00 Evoking both the spare beauty and the mournful solitude of the Yukon landscape, Harrison's paintings proved the perfect match for Service's masterpiece about a doomed prospector adrift in a harsh land.
756 The Capture of Attu $19.00 The Capture of Attu: A World War II Battle as told be the Men Who Fought There
Compiled by Lt. Robert J. Mitchell with Sewell T.Tynng and Capt. Nelson L. Drummond Jr.

Summary: In 1942 Attu, the westernmost island in the Aleutian chain, was home to two Americans and forty-five Aleut hunters and their families. Located one thousand miles from the Alaska mainland and isolated by year-round damp fogs which manage to survive the constant high winds, Attu was called by an early visitor “the lonesomest spot this side of hell.” In June 1942 Attu and the nearby island of Kiska were invaded by the Japanese in the hopes of accomplishing several goals: forestalling use of the islands by the Americans, hindering U.S.-Soviet cooperation, and establishing bases for attacks on the American mainland. On 11 May 1943, the U.S. effort to retake Attu began. The struggle was essentially an infantry battle. The ever-present fog, rain, and high wind limited the use of air power, and the craggy terrain made mechanized equipment next to useless. The infantry retook the island foot by foot.

Lieutenant Robert J. Mitchell was one American wounded in the battle. During his convalescence he took down the accounts of the survivors while their memories were fresh. He presents them here in their own immediate, direct, and informal language.

757 Alaska's Wolf Man $20.00 Alaska's Wolf Man: The 1915-55 Wilderness Adventures of Frank Glaser
Author Jim Rearden

Between 1915 and 1955 adventure-seeking Frank Glaser, a latter-day Far North Mountain Man, trekked across wilderness Alaska on foot, by wolf-dog team, and eventually by airplane. In his career he was a market hunter, trapper, roadhouse owner, professional dog team musher, and federal predator agent. A naturalist at heart, he learned from personal observation the life secrets of moose, caribou, foxes, wolverines, mountain sheep, grizzly bears, and wolves -- especially wolves.

A crack shot, self-sufficient, and wilderness wise, Glaser not only survived, but prospered in the far lonely places. Almost always alone, he survived many encounters with charging grizzly bears, some of which he had to shoot to keep from being mauled. He knew how to cope with 50 and 60 below zero temperatures, and more than once he plunged through river ice in extreme cold and survived only because of his woods know-how.

Frank Glaser was a legend in his own time, respected and admired for his skill as a woodsman and hunter by fellow sourdoughs, and by his many Eskimo friends.

758 Alaska's Dog Heroes $12.00 In Alaska, dogs really are a person’s best friend. These true canine stories from the last frontier describe remarkable acts of intelligence, stamina, loyalty, and heroism by Balto, Togo, Tekla, Stickeen, and more of Alaska’s famous dogs.
759 Alaska's 12 Days of Summer $12.00 Best-selling Paws IV illustrator Shannon Cartwright is back with this charming children's book based on the infectious rhythms of the classic song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas.'
760 A is for Alaska - An ABC Book $8.00
761 Shadows on the Koyukuk $15.00 In his dramatic autobiography, Alaskan elder Sidney Huntington, half-white, half-Athabascan, recounts his adventures, tragedies, and ultimate success.
762 Moose Dropping and Other Crimes Against Nature $15.00 Moose Dropping & Other Crimes Against Nature - Funny Stories from Alaska
Author Tom Brennan

Summary: A feast of funny stories, jokes, and outlandish humor
Alaskans must have a good sense of humor to laugh off the rigors of life in the Far North. And laugh they do, finding humor in:

The animal-rights activists who hear about moose droppings and demand to know how far the moose are dropped.

The practical joker in Sitka who sneaks a load of burning tires into a crater of a nearby dormant volcano, alarming the local population.

The newspaper columnist who claims the best protection against bears is to hike with somebody who runs slower than you do.

The wacky deeds and utterances of politicians... blundering bureaucrats... oddball court cases... and April Fool's Day gags both famous and infamous.

Ignoring the conventions of political correctness, author Tom Brennan has collected a hoard of humor that will surprise and delight.

763 Frank Barr: Bush Pilot in Alaska and the Yukon $10.00 "Frank Barr presents a fascinating --- perhaps even archetypal --- life. Barr's adventures, spirit and love of fun come through clearly." ---Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.
787 The Big Alaska 1904: The Voyage $20.00 The Big Alaska 1904: The Voyage
Author Farnum Hall

Fast paced,easy reading romantic historical fiction. The book chronicles the romantic escapades of two all American young men while on the steamship "The Jefferson" from Seattle, Washington to Valdez, Alaska. The main male character Lincoln Donovan meets a beautiful young widow by the name of Nevada, who knows her own mind and the sparks fly!

788 Blue Sky and Green Grass $18.00 Blue Sky and Green Grass - Murder, money laundering, and winter farming in Alaska.
Author Ron Walden

Trapper Ken Whittle spent the morning pre-heating and preparing his Piper Super Cub to fly so he could check his trap-line. The minus 20 degree weather made this a taxing task. Flying to the area of his traps was pleasant, but near the first lake on his route he came upon an airplane nose down in the trees.He landed to discover the pilot dead -- frozen in his seat. In the aircraft were four duffle bags later found to contain marijuana, and a metal briefcase containing a large amount of money and a .45 automatic Colt pistol. Whittle wrestled briefly with his conscience before deciding to keep the money. He surmised that it was drug money and would not be missed, but the drug bosses did notice and sent henchmen to retrieve their money. This opened an investigation by the Alaska State Troopers and the NTSB which found that the pilot had been murdered and eventually uncovered a huge marijuana growing operation and worldwide importation of other drugs. Informants were found; circumstantial evidence gathered; but little real evidence was brought to light to connect their suspect to the crimes. Trooper Sergeant and helicopter pilot, Karen Holmes, and her partner, Craig Stanton, must take time from the investigation to make daring rescues and cope with the mundane daily duties distracting them from the complicated, frustrating case.

789 Ice Blue Eyes $18.00 Ice Blue Eyes - An Alaska Story of Greed, Love and Revenge
Author Ron Walden

Tragedy met two Seattle bankers kayaking in Prince William Sound in Southcentral Alaska. One of the men was killed by falling ice while the other videotaped the even. The banker was the one charged with managing the Alaska Account at SeaFirst Bank in Seattle. Alianna Pedersen, Assistant Director of Finance for the State of Alaska, must now find a replacement. Shortly after the changeover a clerk in a bank discovered irregularities in the account. Trooper Reuben Hayes had become acquainted with all parties when the first banker was accidentally killed. His investigation leads him to a personal affair with the Deputy Director of Finance and embroils him in a case of bank fraud. Reminiscent of Alaska's "Last Bridge to Nowhere" politics, the suspected perpetrators are the bank president, the head of Alaska Account at SeaFirst, and even Governor of the State of Alaska. Many others become entangled in the case: a local drug dealer, a Mexican Mafia Don, and the FBI. An Alaska who-done-it that lasts through the final page.

790 Devil's Heart $18.00 Devil's Heart - Native American Lore and Modern Police Work
Author Ron Walden

Jodi Eagle knew at an early age that he was going to leave the reservation. Being raised by his grandfather, Jodi had learned the ways of his Sioux heritage, but reservation life was not for him. He has seen too many friends come to a bad end. WIth help from friends he had made along the way Jodi became Deputy Sheriff at North Bend, Washington where a killer was kidnapping and killing children.

Local parents were terrified for their children. One of the victims was the son of Jodi's friend Earl Campbell. Jodi's own son was a school mate and friend of the murdered child. Jodi tried to help control his own son's grief with stories and customs of his Native American heritage.

After eight years fingerprint evidence gathered at one of the crime scenes is matched with a body found near Anchorage, Alaska. This would solve the child murders, but opened a new question; Who killed the killer.

The effect of this turmoil on residents of the small western Washington town was great and the wounds deep. His department would find closure to this eight year search with the implication of a one-time deputy.

With enough twists to keep the reader engrossed and turning the pages and enough surprises to bend the mind.

791 Cinch Knot $13.00 Cinch Knot - A mystery thriller of pigs, politics and petroleum: A multinational plot to nuke the Trans Alaska Pipeline
Author Ron Walden

Pipeline Security Guard, Dan Webster, and a pump station technician, Gwen Stevens, discover a hidden nuclear device inside an ultrasonic pipeline inspection "pig," and are convinced it is part of a sinister conspiracy. During their investigation they uncover a multinational plot among influential oil and shipping leaders planning on disrupting the flow of Alaskan oil in the pipeline to drive the price of oil skyward. The fate of the Alaska pipeline, pristine Prince William Sound, the town of Valdez, thousands of innocent people, and global economic stability are threatened, unless the device can be disarmed and the schemers exposed.

792 AHP mug $10.00 Alaska Highway Patrol mug
793 ATP Mug $10.00 c.1953-1959
795 AST Mug $10.00 Alaska State Trooper cobalt with badge mug. Microwave safe.
809 A is for Alaska $20.00 'A' is for Alaska: Teacher to the Territory by Naomi Gaede-Penner
ABC APD Baseball Cap $20.00 Anchorage Police Department baseball cap. One size fits all.
KP Klawock Police Patch $5.00 Klawock, Alaska Police patch.
354 Alaska Pursuit $17.00 Alaska Pursuit - A novel in the Alaska Trooper Jack Blake Series
Author M.D. Kincaid

Summary: It all starts with a mountaintop plane crash in a snowstorm... Jack and Jet Blake, husband and wife Alaska Trooper team, take on gun-runners, drug-pushers, Skinheads, and sinister activities at the highest level in this third book of the series. Out-numbered and over-powered, it's up to the Blakes to bring justice to the usually-sedate Lower Yukon River, getting creative with undercover ops, airplanes, boats, and whatever else it takes. "A book for guys, and gals who like 'em!"

Note: cover different than shown.

282 The Singing of the Dead $18.00 The Singing of the Dead
Author Dana Stabenow

Kate Shugak hires onto the staff of a political campaign to work security for a Native woman running for state senator. The candidate has been receiving anonymous threats, and Kate, who went to college with two of the staffers, is to become her shadow, watching the crowds at rallies and fundraisers. But just as she's getting started the campaign is rocked by the murder of their staff researcher, who, Kate discovers, was in possession of some damning information about the pasts of both candidates. In order to track the killer, Kate will have to delve into the past, in particular the grisly murder of a "good-time girl" during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1915. Little can she guess the impact a ninety-year-old unsolved case could have on a modern-day psychotic killer.

812 Black AST Hooded Parka
with Zip Out Fleece
$85.00 Black Alaska State Troopers high quality two-piece embroidered hooded parka with zip out fleece jacket.

100% textured polyester shell with 100% polyester micro fleece lining
3500MM fabric waterproof rating
3-Panel hood with cord lock for adjustability
Full front storm flap with closure
Zippered side pocket
Interior utility pocket
Adjustable cuffs with Velcro closure
Breathable, water and wind resistant

214 AFD T-Shirt $20.00 Anchorage Fire Department, Breast Cancer Awareness black t-shirt with "Strong enough to wear pink" printed on the back and a heart for AFD on the front. Not just for women!

A portion of the proceeds from the AFD t-shirt sales will be donated to support cancer research.

954 AST 75th Anniversary
Dimpled Mug
$15.00 Alaska State Trooper 75th Anniversary dimpled mug with 75th logo crest, holds 20 oz.
NCT North Country Troopers
The Banner Collection
$20.00 Summary: Walk in the shoes of early Alaska Law Enforcement and Alaska State Troopers as they relate stories of their adventures, both serious and humorous, on life in the last frontier. These professional lawmen tell the stories in their own style, making it as true to life as you can get. Most of these tales have never been heard before and truly bring to light the unique role of law enforcement in the far north. From a period long before statehood in 1959 to current day evens, the stories will give the reader an appreciation for the challenges and tribulations of law enforcement in Alaska.

*Commemorative hard cover editions available to members for an additional $30.00, please call FOAST if interested.

495 I Will Go With You Into The Dark $14.00 I Will Go With You Into The Dark: Short Stories of the Alaska State Troopers Chaplaincy by Debra Manning Waltman

Into the Dark

I will go with you
into the dark
and lead through
traumatic haze,
tragedy's restless grip
watering your gaze.
And while we look at a mouth
with no breath
and peer at the shell
with no meaning, no reason
(a Hell)
I remain with you
and search for grace
while I watch you kiss
his cold, blue face.

Suicide of a 22-year old
By Alaska State Trooper Chaplain
Debra Manning Waltman