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Bear Bones
Bear Bones
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    Bear Bones
    Author David Austin McKinney

    Alaska Special Agent Cody O'Keefe has been assigned to assist the Division of Fish and Wildlife Protection in the investigation of a strange crime in the remote mountains of Chichagof Island.

    But solving the case in some way-the-hell-and-gone location is only the beginning of his troubles. The terrain is so rugged his only witness gets lost trying to return to the scene of the crime. Once there, Cody finds himself searching for clues beneath two feet of fresh fallen snow. To make matters worse, the primary suspect appears to be a professional poacher so elusive local trappers nickname him Sasquatch. If something doesn't go Cody's way, this case will grow cold faster than the crisp winds of the Mendenhall Glacier.

    Then, Cody makes a gruesome discovery. The poacher's message is clear: if the poacher is pursued Cody O'Keefe will die. In the dim light of the Tongass rain forest O'Keefe is watching his back trail. One mistep and he could be the hunter's next trophy.

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