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Butcher, Baker
Butcher, Baker
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    Butcher, Baker
    Authors Walter Gilmour & Leland E. Hale

    The wilds of Alaska have made the 49th state a heaven for hunters. But the oil boom attracted a different kind of hunter. Hookers scenting money to be made from high-paid oil workers poured into the state. Anchorage became sin city.

    Robert Hansen was a model middle-class husband and father. He was known as an avid hunter as well. But wildlife was not his only quarry. For Hansen had an insatiable hunger for sex and for slaying, and Anchorage was his ideal hunting ground.

    Here is the true-crime shocker of the serial killer who kidnapped, raped and butchered up to 30 women - and of the terrifying wilderness trail of blood that led to his capture.

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