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Cold Crime
Cold Crime
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    Cold Crime - How police detectives solved Alaska's most shocking cases
    Author Tom Brennan

    Summary: Cold Crime is a collection of stories about some of Alaska's high-profile criminal investigations of the past half-century.

    Step by step, journalist Tom Brennan walks readers through thirteen notorious cases, drawing details from the confidential files of Alaska police detectives who investigate murder, mayhem, crimes of passion and greed, and an amazing amount of criminal stupidity.

    Read about:
    A long-running child-custody dispute linked to a fatal car bombing and murder-for-hire in Anchorage.
    Investigators who trick a suspect into confession to arson fires terrorizing the people of Ketchikan.
    The public uproar over a light sentence given to the "deadly dentist" whose patients kept dying.
    The mortician's assistant who discovers his boss is mistreating the dead and cheating their next of kin.