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Beyond The Killing Tree
Beyond The Killing Tree
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    Summary: In a new and refreshingly original western voice, Stephen Reynolds tells his life story. As a game warden, he explores the wonders of wild, untamed places such as Gila Wilderness of New Mexico, the Kenai Fjords, Brooks Range and Yukon Delta of Alaska. He meets people who use the land to live and people who live to abuse it.

    His is the heritage of a boy raised as a hunter, drawn to the excitement of the kill, but whose experiences transform him into an outspoken protector.

    Reynolds is born a storyteller. His tales are in turn tragic, and humorous. He discovers flaws in his childhood conviction that a man is superior to the rest of nature. He turns away from bloodshed to conservation. And he realizes that conservation begins in the heart.

    Yet, this is not a sermon or a manifesto. Reynolds offers no easy answers. Beyond the Killing Tree is an all-American memoir of adventure, spiritual challenge, and transformation--a partnership of Davey Crockett and Zen. Ultimately, as he continues on his journey of discovery, Reynolds comes to appreciate the fragility of life on Earth.

    Small hardback - 191 pgs.