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Oh No! We're Gonna Die Too
Oh No! We're Gonna Die Too
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    Oh No! We're Gonna Die TOO: More Humorous Tales of Close Calls in Alaska's Wilderness
    Author Bob Bell

    The second installment of Bob Bell's hilarious death-defying encounters in the Alaskan wilderness. Oh No! We're Gonna Die TOO is a compilation of short stories about close calls in Alaska involving the author and his friends and family. These stories are written in a humorous fashion, but still convey the apprehension, excitement and relief involved in life-threatening adventures. It shows how a relatively small mistake can become a major problem in the remote Alaska bush. It takes the reader on adventures throughout the state with a unique cast of characters who never seem to lack in questionable judgment or bad luck. You will encounter airplane crashes, bears of every size and shape, extreme weather, vicious fish, malfunctioning boats and a host of other challenges. These stories will give you an insight into how rugged, and how fun, life on the last frontier can be for some people. The theme of the book is that Alaska has lots of tools to kill you with, and she used most of them on the author and his friends. They survived, mostly by luck, certainly not by wit. Keep in mind as you read this book that these are true stories involving real people, many of whom are still around and in good health.

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