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The Snowflake Rebellion
The Snowflake Rebellion
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    The Snowflake Rebellion
    Author Tom Brennan

    Summary: Bering sea villagers raid a foreign trawler fleet... a mysterious explosion rocks Juneau... a state ferry fires a bowling ball at a cruise ship... and a beautiful ex-newswoman takes off her clothes to defuse a tense standoff between state and federal troops....

    The time is the not-too-distant future. The whole world is watching.

    A new President is rewarding environmentalists who put her into the White House. She imposes harsh new federal controls on the northern state, and Alaskans are losing jobs, personal freedoms - even their lives. Their anger at bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C. is growing by the day.

    As a rebellion spreads, Governor Jimmy Pender tries to calm the rebels. He recruits Colin Callihan, a disillusioned geologist who has retreated into a boozy haze after the death of his wife in a plane crash. But it is too late for peacemaking. Events quickly spin out of control, and Callihan finds himself leading a secessionist movement he was hired to stop.

    Adventure, romance, humor, and politics run amok in this tense novel that rushes to an unexpected conclusion like a wild wave crashing onto a rocky Alaska shore.