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Devil's Heart
Devil's Heart
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    Devil's Heart - Native American Lore and Modern Police Work
    Author Ron Walden

    Jodi Eagle knew at an early age that he was going to leave the reservation. Being raised by his grandfather, Jodi had learned the ways of his Sioux heritage, but reservation life was not for him. He has seen too many friends come to a bad end. WIth help from friends he had made along the way Jodi became Deputy Sheriff at North Bend, Washington where a killer was kidnapping and killing children.

    Local parents were terrified for their children. One of the victims was the son of Jodi's friend Earl Campbell. Jodi's own son was a school mate and friend of the murdered child. Jodi tried to help control his own son's grief with stories and customs of his Native American heritage.

    After eight years fingerprint evidence gathered at one of the crime scenes is matched with a body found near Anchorage, Alaska. This would solve the child murders, but opened a new question; Who killed the killer.

    The effect of this turmoil on residents of the small western Washington town was great and the wounds deep. His department would find closure to this eight year search with the implication of a one-time deputy.

    With enough twists to keep the reader engrossed and turning the pages and enough surprises to bend the mind.

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