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101 Retired Trooper Fleece $50.00 Navy and Black arctic fleece jacket, zipper front, gold embroidered AST Badge , trim fit, and warm. *Limited sizes, Please call or email ( to confirm available sizes*
205 Sierra Pacific AST Heavy Weight Vest $30.00 Heavy weight acrylic fleece vest. Embroidered AST badge over heart. Heavyweight zipper. Please call for other sizes
206 AST Last Frontier Hoodie $35.00
210 AST Badge Map T-Shirt $20.00 If you're looking for a different size, please call us at 907-279-5050.
212 AST K-9 T-Shirt $20.00 Alaska State Trooper K-9 t-shirt
213 APD T-Shirt $15.00 Anchorage Police Department t-shirt
215 CSI T-Shirt $20.00
224 AWT T-shirt $20.00 Alaska Wildlife Trooper t-shirt
230 AST K-9 Baseball Cap $20.00 Alaska State Trooper K-9 black baseball cap with velcro.
231 AWT Baseball Cap $20.00 Alaska Wildlife Trooper brown and tan baseball cap with clasp. Oiled for water proofing.
234 AST Quarter Zip Sweater $35.00 AST Quarter Zip Sweatshirts, Gray/White. Call if you have any questions on sizing.
236 APD Beanie $15.00 Anchorage Police Department black and white, winter knit embroidered beanie.
240 Children's Safety Bear Reflective Beanie $15.00 These are navy beanies with safety bear on front. The reflective material is the same material used on EMT uniforms, it is highly reflective.
242 AST Beanie $15.00 Alaska State Trooper navy and gold, winter knit embroidered beanie.
248 CSI Alaska Mug $10.00 CSI Alaska Ceramic Mug
263 Butcher, Baker $12.00 Butcher, Baker
Authors Walter Gilmour & Leland E. Hale

The wilds of Alaska have made the 49th state a heaven for hunters. But the oil boom attracted a different kind of hunter. Hookers scenting money to be made from high-paid oil workers poured into the state. Anchorage became sin city.

Robert Hansen was a model middle-class husband and father. He was known as an avid hunter as well. But wildlife was not his only quarry. For Hansen had an insatiable hunger for sex and for slaying, and Anchorage was his ideal hunting ground.

Here is the true-crime shocker of the serial killer who kidnapped, raped and butchered up to 30 women - and of the terrifying wilderness trail of blood that led to his capture.

264 Summer Moon $6.00 Listen to a fox pup's first lap of rushing water, before he grows up and learns his place in life. Follow a two-month peccary-a mere piglet- who braves the heat and the challenges of the Sonoran Desert of Arizona to find his mother. Watch as a young mountain lion in Washington becomes a father to orphans- and finally finds a mate.
266 Alaska Burning $9.00 Alaska Burning is the story of the fire fighters of Eagle, Alaska told by Jerry Nelson, who was a crew member and boss for many years. A fire season for this hardy crew may be arduous (and sweaty) but certainly, never dull. 144 Pages.
267 Cold Crime $15.00 Cold Crime - How police detectives solved Alaska's most shocking cases
Author Tom Brennan

Summary: Cold Crime is a collection of stories about some of Alaska's high-profile criminal investigations of the past half-century.

Step by step, journalist Tom Brennan walks readers through thirteen notorious cases, drawing details from the confidential files of Alaska police detectives who investigate murder, mayhem, crimes of passion and greed, and an amazing amount of criminal stupidity.

Read about:
A long-running child-custody dispute linked to a fatal car bombing and murder-for-hire in Anchorage.
Investigators who trick a suspect into confession to arson fires terrorizing the people of Ketchikan.
The public uproar over a light sentence given to the "deadly dentist" whose patients kept dying.
The mortician's assistant who discovers his boss is mistreating the dead and cheating their next of kin.

269 Beyond The Killing Tree $20.00 Summary: In a new and refreshingly original western voice, Stephen Reynolds tells his life story. As a game warden, he explores the wonders of wild, untamed places such as Gila Wilderness of New Mexico, the Kenai Fjords, Brooks Range and Yukon Delta of Alaska. He meets people who use the land to live and people who live to abuse it.

His is the heritage of a boy raised as a hunter, drawn to the excitement of the kill, but whose experiences transform him into an outspoken protector.

Reynolds is born a storyteller. His tales are in turn tragic, and humorous. He discovers flaws in his childhood conviction that a man is superior to the rest of nature. He turns away from bloodshed to conservation. And he realizes that conservation begins in the heart.

Yet, this is not a sermon or a manifesto. Reynolds offers no easy answers. Beyond the Killing Tree is an all-American memoir of adventure, spiritual challenge, and transformation--a partnership of Davey Crockett and Zen. Ultimately, as he continues on his journey of discovery, Reynolds comes to appreciate the fragility of life on Earth.

Small hardback - 191 pgs.

273 I Slept With The Bears $15.00 I Slept With The Bears - The true tales of an Alaska State Trooper/Game Warden
Author David H. Carpenter

This book is written in an informal style. Carpenter invites you, the reader, to imagine you are sitting with him around a cozy campfire somewhere in the Alaska bush, while he relates these stories to you. It won't take much imagination as his personal and friendly style of writing will make you feel as though you are with him and experiencing these adventures yourself. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and enjoy this incredible book. One word of caution though... it might cause you to quit your job, sell your house and more to the "Great Land".

275 Winter Watch $10.00 Somewhere in the Schwatka Mountains of northwest Alaska, a region of great natural beauty and stark solitude, a little log cabin sits beside a river. In that "magic place" author James Ramsey lived alone for 266 days, testing himself against the solitude and watching the Arctic winter come and go. This book is his account of what happens in the sky, the land and the river, and how he coped with the cold, the long darkness and hazards unforeseen.
277 The Bear Hunter $17.00 Written by: James Hart Isley Isley masterfully presents a hair raising story about encounters with the iconic king of the northwest wilderness, the Grizzly Bear.
280 Iditarod Alaska: Life of a Long Distance Sled Dog Musher $20.00 Iditarod Alaska: Life of a Long Distance Sled Dog Musher
Author Burt Bomhoff

Summary: For many, Alaska's golden years were at the turn of the last century when gold miners and fur traders plied the rivers and trails of this great Alaska in search of adventure and fortune. Men, tough guys who had character, traveled by foot, riverboat and dog team through a land where few could survive, much less thrive. It wasn't just the adventure; it was the grandeur of Alaska, the deep woods, the open tundra and the rugged mountains. And it was also the life that meant so much. The fellowship of friends sitting around a campfire talking of things simple but important, things of the deep woods where the wolves howled and the northern lights danced across a clear, black, star studded sky. This same life, these people and the husky sled dogs were found along the Iditarod race trail during the 1980s. Burt describes the life in a small wilderness cabin, the comradery of friends around a campfire, the dogs, the characters and the great Alaska wilderness. It brings back fond memories for us who lived it and tells in detail of these great times for others who want to know what it was really like.

286 Alaska State Trooper Season One DVD $20.00 Season One of the TV series Alaska State Troopers. 2 discs.
287 Safety Bear Ornaments $5.00 Red Safety Bear Ornaments
292 AHP Patch $5.00 Alaska Highway Patrol patch, 1941-1953, we have a shoulder patch and cap patch (smaller size) available.
293 ATP Shoulder Patch $5.00 Alaska Territorial police patch, 1953-1959, we have a shoulder patch and cap patch (smaller size) available.
295 AST Shoulder Patch $5.00 Alaska State Troopers shoulder patch.
302 AK Tactical Dive Unit Patch $5.00 Alaska State Troopers Tactical Diving Unit patch.
303 Scientific Crime Dectection Lab Patch $5.00 Department of Public Safety's "Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory" Patch
305 APD Patch $5.00 Anchorage Police Department patch
309 Unalaska Police Department Patch $5.00 Department of Public Safety, Unalaska Police patch.
310 Wasilla Police Patch $5.00 Wasilla, Alaska Police patch
315 APD Badge Pin $5.00 Anchorage Police Department badge pin - 1"
316 70th Anniversary Pin $5.00 This pin commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the Alaska State Troopers. Measures 1" Diameter
317 Alaska Territorial Police Badge Pin $5.00 Mini - Historical - Alaska Territorial Police badge pin, 1953-1960
318 Alaska State Police Badge Pin $5.00 Mini Alaska State Police badge pin, 1960-1967
319 Alaska Highway Patrol Badge Pin $5.00 Mini Alaska Highway Patrol badge pin, 1941-1953
320 Alaska Wildlife Troopers Badge Pin $5.00 Alaska Wildlife Trooper 7/8" badge pin
325 Anchorage Police Department Patch Pin $5.00 Anchorage Police Department shoulder patch pin
326 Law Enforcement Alaska Style Print $65.00 The Artist for this print is Clint Seyer. "Law enforcement Alaska style" 16X24 Call for custom framing information. 1-800-770-5050. OR email us at
327 Quanya Trooper Print $50.00 The Artist for this print is Tok Hwang. "Quanya Trooper" 16X24 Call for custom framing information. 1-800-770-5050. OR email us at
349 AST Model Crown Vic $20.00 1/32 scale, die cast metal, authentic police collectible
352 Alaska & Beyond $17.00 Alaska & Beyond - A novel in the Alaska Trooper Jack Blake Series
Author M.D. Kincaid

"Kincaid reloads, adjusts his sights, and takes aim at more real life villains ripped from the pages of his case files. Always finding his mark, MDK points Trooper Blake in the right direction -- square in front of the bad guys, and always armed with the skills & integrity to triumph over evil & skullduggery. You can't find a better read about the human wildlife found in Alaska, and running amok past its borders -- it'll keep you on the edge of your seat and looking over your shoulder!"

-David McRae, Alaska Bush Pilot & Commercial Fisherman

353 Courage & Death on the Gulf of Alaska $15.00 Courage & Death on the Gulf of Alaska Saga of the F/V "Dixie"
Author Norm Carson

In November of 1950 the fishing vessel "Dixie" departed Pelican Alaska with three people on board for a hunting trip to the outer coast of Yakobi Island. Within a week, two of these Pelican residents would reach a tragic end, and the third would demonstrate remarkable endurance.

The people on the "Dixie: were Fred Wetche, owner/operator; Fred, Jr., age 14, his son; and Helvig "Chris" Christensen, a long-time friend of the Wetche family.

Three other residents of Pelican joined in on this saga by initiating a search for the "Dixie" and its occupants; they would later receive the Hero's Medal from the Carnegie Foundation in recognition of their courage. The three heroes were Tom Allain, Sr., and his cousins Marie and Betty Mork. Today, Marie is the sole survivor left of this incident; it was only after several conversations with her did I learn of the Carnegie Award. Marie would tell you that they did nothing less than what was normally expected in an emergency.

Enjoy the inspiring story of the rescuers' courage, the faith and endurance of Helvig Christensen, and the memory of Fred Wetche and his son, Fred, Jr.,better known as Bubby. As is often the case, courage and death are shipmates on the Gulf of Alaska.

381 APD Pen $5.00 Anchorage Police Department pen
382 Alaska Territorial Police Print $30.00 Alaska Territorial Police depiction
383 Alaska Highway Patrol Print $30.00 Alaska Highway Patrol depiction
384 Alaska State Police Print $30.00 depiction of Alaska State Police