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Formed in the late 1960s as a conduit to approach the State Legislature for an improved retirement system, the Fraternal Order has evolved into a valuable charitable and fraternal organization with no political involvement.

Membership consists mainly of Alaska State Troopers, both active and retired, and is also open to all current and retired commissioned members of the Department of Public Safety (DPS).  F.O.A.S.T. includes the divisions of State Troopers, Fire Prevention, and Alaska Scientific Crime Lab Personnel.

Associate membership is open to non-commissioned DPS personnel as well as members of other law enforcement agencies, and the general public when sponsored by an existing active member. Current membership is over 850.

F.O.A.S.T. consists of two corporations headed by a unified board of Directors. The Charity Corporation raises funds for a wide variety of children's sports and safety awareness activities and has for decades been responsible for providing the popular SAFETY BEAR reflectors for the SAFETY BEAR program; KEEPING ALASKA'S CHILDREN SAFE.

The Fraternal Corporation operates the Trooper Museum on West 5th Avenue in Anchorage. The Trooper Museum features the history of law enforcement in Alaska and has a popular gift shop, selling a variety of hats, shirts, patches and other items with the department's logos. Proceeds from the gift shop help fund the Museum operation and allow the public to view the display with no charge for admission.

The Fraternal Corporation also sponsors many social and historical activities including a summer picnic, winter party, the annual Alaska State Trooper/Royal Canadian Mounted Police pistol competition, AKA "The Shoot.  The museum houses the antique Alaska Highway Patrol Hudson Hornet automobile, which is owned by F.O.A.S.T.

'THE BANNER'   The Banner is the quarterly newsletter from FOAST to our membership.  We include announcements of upcoming events, a rundown of events that have occured over the last few months, bits and pieces of information about our membership, as well as articles from writers in Alaska and some who have moved 'outside'.  We always welcome your stories, and comments. We want our Banner to be about 'you'. Call or write us with your adventures and pictures. We want to hear from all of you. Each article will be printed as space allows.