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Includes 16 intensely beautiful photographs featuring:

-Vivid scenes of the Alaska State Troopers, both remote and urban

-Breathtaking views of Alaskan scenery, land, air and sea

-The Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers museum, continuing to preserve history

   Take a walk in the shoes of early Alaska Law Enforcement and Alaska State Troopers as they relate stories of their adventures, both serious and humorous, on life in the last frontier. These professional lawmen tell the stories in their own style, making it as true to life as you can get. Most of these tales have never been heard before and truly bring to light the unique role of law enforcement in the far north. From a period long before statehood in 1959 to current day events, these stories will give the reader an appreciation for the challenges and tribulations of law enforcement in Alaska.

   "It has been a genuine pleasure for me to help edit this collection of articles from The Banner, quarterly journal of the Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers. These are admirable people committed to serving their fellow Alaskans. Those who keep people safe in the villages, towns, cities and tundra country of Alaska devote themselves to careers of high adventure. Their jobs take them to places most Americans have never imagined.
    Their accounts are informative and, since most of the articles were written by retired Troopers and aimed at an audience of their peers, many were written in a very entertaining style."

                                                                                                                    Tom Brennan
                                               Author of Murder at Forty Below and other books

   "The tales told in "North Country Troopers" clearly reflect law enforcement in the Far North. I have worked with the Alaska State Troopers since my first assignment in Yukon Territory, Canada in 1961. The assignment the boys in blue face in Alaska are very similiar to the RCMP responsiblities in northern Canada. Over 50 years I've been associated with Troopers I've always been impressed with their professionalism and dedication to duty."
                                                             Chief Superintendent Harry Nixon, retired
                                                                                 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
                                                                        Courtenay, British Columbia Canada

   "Close encounters of the law enforcement kind in Alaska, from Jerry Williams and Mac McKinley taking on the Japanese fishing fleet in Shelikof Strait in the 50s to the notable lack of haste to arrest the notorious Gary Zieger in 1973. Told by Territorial Policemen and Alaska State Troopers themselves in their own words, these stories are curated from back issues of the Alaska State Troopers newsletter, The Banner. North Country Troopers is a must read for both the armchair historian and scholar, not to mention the writer of Alaska crime fiction."
                                                                                                                Dana Stabenow
                                              Author of the Kate Shugak series and other novels